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                            General Floor Covering Demolition  

                           Hard Wood Floors * Tropical Refinishing * Carpet * Resiliant * Vinyl or Linoleum Installation          

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    •    Low Maintenance & Durable –Outlasts many other flooring options. Will not chip or peel and extremely scratch and stain resistant. Easy to maintain, only light mopping or buffing necessary to keep clean.

    •    Retrofit & Revive – No replacement or overlaying of concrete flooring necessary. Resurfacing removes some or the entire old surface and leaves them looking like new

    •    Custom Designs & Marble illusion – Create a custom or fashion flair with decorative or one-of-a-kind designs. An infinite number of stunning color effects and unique designs are possible. Staining gives concrete a variegated, marble-like appearance at a fraction of the cost of real marble.



    •    Popular & In Style – concrete floors are used for industrial, commercial and can often be found in residential buildings and units such as studios, loft apartments and high-end condo units

    •    Economical & Cost Effective -Polished concrete flooring is one of the most economical and cost effective flooring alternatives. Routine waxing and stripping required for other flooring types is eliminated. Polished concrete reduces energy and maintenance costs significantly due to its extended life, improved reflectivity and ambient lighting, and reduced tire wear.
    •    Energy Saving - conserves energy in several ways: During the summer, polished concrete naturally cools a building; in the winter, polished concrete that is exposed to natural sunlight will soak up radiant heat and release it into the building.



  •    Creative imperfections –Concrete’s tonal differences, such as cracks and aggregates, are turned into a stone-like, natural feel.

    •    Aesthetically Pleasing & Versatile - Good for indoor-outdoor transitions with a matte or wet flooring look. Polished concrete is an ideal finish design to add deeply penetrating protection and enduring beauty to driveways, patios, walkways, garage floors, or any concrete surface.


•    Healthier Indoor Environment -Helps maintain better air quality because  concrete does not contain any VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compound) adhesives or sealers that can negatively affect indoor environmental quality. In addition, concrete floors require reduced maintenance, resulting in less use of harsh cleaning chemicals.



  •    Environment Friendly (Green and hypo-allergenic-LEED friendly) - All required chemical products are Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design  (LEED) friendly. Green approval is becoming synonymous with LEED certification. LEED addresses the major concerns of green building including: the use of resource-friendly materials, energy saving design, and providing healthy indoor environmental quality (IEQ); the natural attributes of polished concrete assist in each of these areas. There is no other flooring on the market that beats polished concrete based on an assessment of eco-responsible and sustainable attributes.


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